The 4th cutlery.


Japan, we live with crossover food culture.

From this context, STIIK was designed as
4th cutlery for all tables around the world. 


Food is one of the greatest pleasures of travel.
There are foods in the world that you’ve never seen before and
It’s full of dishes I’ve never tasted before.

We want to breathe life into these chopsticks,
which have a thick historical background.
We want to breathe life into these chopsticks,
not as a standardized tool, but because they are used every day.
Isn’t it good to find something new there?

WORLD FOOD LIMITED is a year color
inspired by foodstuffs from around the world.

Inspired by food and produce from around the world,
an annual limited color was born.

The annual color of 2021 is “yuzu”,
the aromatic citrusy fruit which is an integral ingredient in the Asian Kitchen.

The 4th cutlery

Japan, we live with crossover food culture. From this context, STIIK was designed as 4th cutlery for all tables around the world. Eating habits are changing in a rapid pace globally. More and more people are eating different foods apart from their own cuisine. It is more common to have Italian at home, Chinese for lunch and Sushi for dinner. Time has changed the way we eat and behave, which makes us more flexible in adapting to new food cultures. STIIK was designed to adapt to modern eating habits, making this the 4th cutlery to your dining experience.

“Modernized” 26cm

“Hito ata han”, literally means 1.5 times the length from a person’s thumb to an index finger “Hito” means one, “ata” is a traditional Japanese finger measurement, and “han” means half. It is considered to be the ideal chopstick length and was officially standardized during the Edo period (1604-1868). 300 years since, the length of chopsticks has unchanged from the 22-24cm, although Japanese average height has grown 10cm since then. For that reason, we have reached the conclusion that 26cm is a modernized “Hito ata han”.

STIIK is handmade from Japanese moso bamboo, which makes chopstick surprisingly thin but extremely durable. The unique balance between thinness and length comforts the pallet and creates a superb dining experience.


The annual color of WORLD FOOD LIMITED 2021 “yuzu” released on today.
Shop list are updated.
We awarded Silver Prize atJapan Package Award 2021.
STIIK has been awarded the Red Dot Award 2020 : Product Design, one of the world’s top three design awards, as well as the Pentaward Gold, the world’s largest package design award, which was awarded at the end of 2019, making it a double crown for product and packaging.
We are truly grateful for the support of our customers, who are taking care of their meals every day.
Shop list are updated. There are new retail stores and restaurant where you can use STIIK.
IZAMESHI TABLE, a cafe located at Shinjyuku, where you can eat Speciality preserved food, will open on 13th Dec.
You can use STIIK with the dises. Enjoy!
The first year color of 2020 “gari” available today.
Shop list are updated. There are new restaurant ay Tokyo, Singapore, Korea where you can use STIIK.
Shop list are updated.
We won Gold Prize at pentaward!!!
We honorable to mention A Japanese chef Yuri Nagaya served her dishes with our STIIK to president of France,Emmanuel Macron
A story blog from KOZLIFE “How to made STIIK vol.2” are updated. (Japanese only)
A story blog from KOZLIFE “How to made STIIK vol.1” are updated.(Japanese only)
We updated coating paint to our products. All STIIK are now DISHWASHER-SAFE !!
We add new color, midium-grey and charcoal-grey.


Product name:STIIK

Price: 3000yen /Contains 2 pairs.


color:Ceramic grey / Medium grey / Charcoal grey / gari (limited color) / yuzu (limited color)


Material:Natural bamboo (Moso bamboo)

Made in Japan

  • To sustain the quality of the product: 
  • ●Do not put it in microwave.
  • ●Avoid storing or placing in direct sunlight for a long period of time.
  • ●Do not keep in water for a long period of time.
  • ●Adult supervision required.


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Tel: 03-6435-2234

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Concept & Planning:Kenji Wada(A Design Lab.)

Manufacture & Distribution:KO DESIGN CONCEPT

Product design:Eiji Sumi

Package design:Kazutoshi Amano(kad ltd.)/P.K.G.Tokyo

Photograph:Goichi Kondo(ROBINHOOD), Yoichi Onoda